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Email w/ subject MS Security patch

By mark-it ·
I have been receiving numerous emails that have in the subject line something about the latest MS Security Patch. The message indicates it is from MS TechNet or from Admin or something like that, they vary. I got two that were notices of undeliverable mail.

They all have attachments. I've been deleting them, because I've heard that MS doesn't send out security update patch notices.

Has anyone experienced any of these type of emails?

I check the property of the email message and then under the Detail tab to see if there is any telltale sign of where it came from. I noticed one came from a URL with a .jp at the end. Is this from Japan????

Does checking the email message this way through the properties open me up for getting tagged by some virus? I even go so far as to open the Message Source window, which is expandable and a bit easier to view. Does this view open me to being caught by any worms or viruses?

Any constructive comments are greatly appreciated.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Email w/ subject MS Secur ...

This is a virus - don't open any of the attachments! You're receiving them because someone who you know has the virus on their computer, and you're in their address book. If you look at the full headers of the message, you should be able to figure out which computer is originating the messages, so you can let that person know.

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by mark-it In reply to

Thank you for your response. I figured as much. I'm getting too much spam, need to change my email address and start over.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Email w/ subject MS Secur ...

i have heard of these carrying viruii. the ones i've seen contain links to porno sites. no, examining the properties can't get you infected. think that is clever idea to view Source, don't see how that would get you in trouble, either. as you know, *previewing* is same as opening the message can give you grief. i don't know if jp is japan...try whois at to see. but i think it is academic exercise maybe as it is easy to 'spoof' the 'from' in email messages...
i always delete without a thought any with Security or virus warnings. i always look them up for my customers and they are always a hoax. or worse. every time. if you get too annoyed, try yahoo mail. pretty good anti-spam setup my users tell me. the service (free) i use to make sure i get joggled about current security threats/viruii is mailing list at then i ignore everything else.

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by mark-it In reply to

Thank you for your response. I got another more direct response before yours which was much more helpful. But thank you just the same.

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by -Q-240248 In reply to Email w/ subject MS Secur ...

You are getting SWEN Worm messages. I get a lot as well. Just delete them. Looking at the properties of the message does not expose you.

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by mark-it In reply to

Thank you for your response. I'll look into the SWEN Worm.

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by mark-it In reply to Email w/ subject MS Secur ...

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