emailing a web page problem

By bldsm ·

I have created a web page which I want to send out as an email. I know how to get it into outlook express to email but when I insert "text from file" it doesn't show the graphic files built into the original webpage.

How can I fix this problem please?


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by Toivo Talikka In reply to emailing a web page probl ...

Are you sending the page from the web server after the user clicks a button? Which web server are you using?

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by bldsm In reply to Server?

I create a web page in dreamweaver and using outlook express paste the html code from the hard drive file so its all local and not on-line. I put the links for the graphics using urls straight from the location on the hdd and this didn't work so put full urls and still no help.


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Outlook Express

by Toivo Talikka In reply to server?

...does not know anything about the contents of the HTML file you copy and paste to the body of the message or attach as a file to an email. It is not designed to collect the files based on the links in the HTML code.

If you want to send a web page exactly as it looks, you need to save the page first from a browser. In IE7, click Page, then Save As... and select Web Archive, single file (*.mht). This creates a file on the hard drive which contains the page and the images.

In Firefox, the function File - Save As... has the option 'Web Page, complete' but this saves the html code as 'page.htm' and creates a directory 'page_files' where the images are stored. Therefore you would need to create a compressed archive (*.zip) and send it if you use Firefox.

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