Emailing contents of attachment fields via MS Access

By jagriffith ·
I have a database that has several attachment fields. I have a function that creates a report and generates an outbound e-mail to our production floor with that report (build sheet), i want to have the function also attach the contents of the attachment field in that e-mail so that they get both the build sheet report, and the attachments in their email.

Is this possible?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Emailing contents of atta ...

You'd have to take the content of the attachment field save it as a file with a unque name, on that basis and several other including access is truly awful at blobs, wasn't worth putting it in there in the first place.

The real question is do you want them to have the content of the attachment field, or a snapshot of it at the time you generated the email.

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by jagriffith In reply to Messy

I want them to get the content of the attachment field.

What we are doing is creating a DB that will handle buildsheets. So my salesmen enters an order and creates a buildsheet- submits it, it then goes to the engineer who will review the request, design the tool appropriately, then fwd it to production- when the engineer hits Submit to Production- he will have attached the engineering drawings for that job in the DB- i want it to generate the report i've created that has the paper copy of the order, plus the attachment field items to send to production. That way production doesn't have to open a DB and then go open the drawings- they are already right there in the email that says- GO build this!


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