Emails are disappearing on their way to MS Outlook

By robinsfamily ·
I run a small 1-person business from home and my business has recently been decimated by the recent discovery that many emails are just never reaching me! I put in a query with my ISP provider and even their responses never reached me!! Their investigation has showed that the emails reach their server but disappear when they are then downloaded to MS Outlook on our computer. We have no rules or junk filters set up and we have not changed anything to suddenly start this. We had no virus software/filters that may steal them. We just put a good virus software on the computer and nothing relevant was found.
These disappearing emails means that queries for new business often never reach me and it has cost me a fortune!!!!
Any ideas???

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re: emails going to LaLa Land

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Emails are disappearing o ...

You didn't say which version of Outlook you're using. If it's Outlook 2003, check your junk mail settings. They may be set to delete the marked email instead of put it into the junk mail folder.

Tools -> Options -> Preferences Tab -> Email Group -> Junk E-mail Button -> Options Tab ... Set the radio button to HIGH, but make sure the 2nd box from the bottom is UNCHECKED.

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Outlook 2002

by robinsfamily In reply to re: emails going to LaLa ...

Sorry - we have version 2002 - cannot find any such settings on there?!?!?!?

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Temporary solution

by Tig2 In reply to Outlook 2002

Your ISP likely has a web email client. Check it. You can also set Google up to take in email from other accounts. That may help you but you would have to add a note in your email explaining why you are replying from a different address. I would check for a web client first.

Good luck!

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Keep a copy of the message on the server

by ComputerCookie In reply to Emails are disappearing o ...

I would first try and keep a copy of the message on the server (say 3 days, do not tick delete from server when deleted from deleted items).

Fire up Outlook Express and set up the same as Outlook. If you find it a hassle you could download MailWasher Free from MailWasher Pro. I use MailWasher Free to view messages on the server, before I download them, it will also select some virus's and know spammers for deletion.

Try to find a pattern to the emails that you are not receiving in your inbox, also when you find one that is on the server and not in your inbox, try searching for the message in Outlook.

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