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Emails displayed as html

By joadams1901 ·
I having written an app that sends a small multipart MIME email. However not all recipients are able to recive it, the header gets decoded and is displayed in the email body along with all the remaining body inlclude the html tags etc etc.

Many forums look at the client for problems, it is not the client in my case. It seems to be something with the service provider I am send emails to and the way they decode the header or filter on my MX server. All of the major sites (google, AOL,etc) are ok, does not work. I am now getting an increasing number of people having this issue of html being displayed as the email body.

As background I have a clean SMTP server (not on any blacklists) it has spf records and reverse IP lookup. I am now going mad as to why certain SP's strip off the full header. Does anyone know why they do this and what I need to do to stop them? for example to decode the multipart header from correctly which is coded the same as mime! Perhaps they have that site on an OK list? any thoughts or suggestions most appreciated as I have hit a brick wall now

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For starters, email is NOT designed to be handled the same as HTML code

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Emails displayed as html

they are two different protocols. Some email clients do not handle HTML messages well, and some can be set to show the page as a html page or as a text page.

In the final analysis, both are text messages, but have different code instruction handling protocols. And many systems now do NOT handle all HTML instructions in their mail clients or mail handling as way too many html coded emails have malicious code and are also used to carry false information with wrong URLs. Denying the full HTML handling by the actual Mail Clients and Mail Servers is now part of the security set up in some organisations and ISPs.

Google Mail and AOL are web mail services where all mail is handled within the browser as a html message and not as a mail message, so they are a different set up.

Personally, anyone who keeps sending me heavy HTML coded mail messages soon ends up in my deny bin and gets bounced. Use the mail system to send mail text messages, not html pages.

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