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Emails from Microsoft?? How to remove?

I have a Yahoo mail account - and I am getting a ton of messages like:

MS Corporation Program Security Section Newest Network Update Mon 01/12 155k
Microsoft Security Support@ Latest Net Security Update Mon 01/12 154k
Security Services Latest Network Critical Pack Mon 01/12 153k
administrator Failure Announcement Mon 01/12 142k
MS Mail Delivery Service Abort Letter Mon 01/12 142k

Anyway, I've heard that this is some sort of virus/hoax, and I don't dare open the attachments, BUT the problem is that Yahoo isn't stopping these, and I'm getting a ton of 142 and 153, 154,155 K files and my mail box is CONSTANTLY getting full. I'm trying to do everything I can, I've run virus checkers, and Spyware programs, but I think because the problem is really on Yahoo's end that I can't do much about it.

Any suggestions??? THANKS

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by TheChas In reply to Emails from Microsoft?? H ...

Yes, these are a virus/trojan.

You can try declaring these as spam and have them go to your spam folder.

The real fix, is to find out who's PC is infected by the virus and sending out all the copies of the e-mail to you.

Once the PC(s) that have your e-mail address have the virus removed, the e-mails should stop.

Microsoft NEVER sends out ANY patches as e-mail attachments.


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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Emails from Microsoft?? H ...

Like TheChas said, it is a virus, the Swen virus technically. Go here to read about it:

So, the Swen virus infects a computer, then scans that computer for e-mail addresses, and then sends itself out to all those addresses. It also spoofs who the mail comes from, saying it is from Microsoft.
It can also send itself as being a spoofed mail failure message! So, some of the bounceback e-mails you have received are NOT necessarily bouncebacks! They could be the virus pretending to be a bounceback!
Swen did this very well, which is one reason why it spread so much. It is actually very smart in its e-mail sending techniques! The subject names keep changing, to go along with the correct date! Real smart, this one.
But if you have not ran one of the attachments, nor received it over a network shared folder connection, NOR gotten it from a Newsgroup (it sends itself to Newsgroups too!), then you are ok.
But it is still bouncing around there. With Yahoo, I would just keep reporting the ones that come in as being Spam, and maybe that will cut it down.

hope this helps

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to Emails from Microsoft?? H ...

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