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Ok here is the story... I have had problems with our companies email address for over a week now. My ISP doesnt have a clue what is going on so i have began my search for answers on the web. We have not been able to recieve emails from certain addresses. The ISP claims that they are being delivered to us but they never get to us. We are using outlook express and have got emails from the addresses in the past with out a problem. This just sprang up out of nowhere. The computers are very basic, dont have any spyware, blocked senders list , virus protection, they are exactly how they were 2 weeks ago when we had no problems. My ISP is clueless on why the messages arent being downloaded from them. I have also tried to receive on 2 other machines with no success. Could anyone help?!?!?! What do i need to tell my ISP other than shove it and ill find someone else. THANKS FOR THE HELP!! please respond to

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by carol In reply to EMAILS NOT SHOWING UP IN ...

Is your ISP? Are the problem email addresses also at that domain name? Try deleting the Outlook Express Account and recreating it. I've had problems with Outlook Express that were unexplained, but solved by this procedure. If that doesn't work tell the ISP to delete the mailbox and recreate it. It may be a corrupted mail file on the server.

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by gregori65 In reply to EMAILS NOT SHOWING UP IN ...

I had this problem in my company too but I realized that for me the problem was my firewall configuration. We use only one public address and the firewall that works also as NAT, was not doing the translation. I don`t know if this is you case, but I was able to track this problem by using "tracking messagges" smtpvm on the exchange server. Use this tool as well as your logs files and see where outside e-mail get stopped.
Good lock!

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by lmayeda In reply to EMAILS NOT SHOWING UP IN ...

Does your ISP provide access to your email messages via Webmail and if so can you see the messages there (still on the ISP's mail server)? If you ask the source of the problem email address(es) to send test messages to a third party (different ISP) are the messages received successfully? Did you try looking for the missing messages in your DELETE box? Are your INBOXes "HUGE" with tons of little messages?
One of my users occasionally has her messages automatically going to the DELETE box. My ISP and I haven't figured out that one yet but they think it's because my user has LOTS of small messages. A test is to delete her INBOX (good luck with that). Interested to know how you resolve this.

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