Emails to Exchange server are bouncing

By yashy99 ·
Okay, I've been at this for 2 weeks now and I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on. I would love for this to work as I can continue onto my next phase of learning and hopefully be on my way to mastering this stuff.

This is my configuration:

I have a NAT server, an Exchange server and an Xp machine. All on the same domain. I've also got my own domain which I've bought (the name is different than the network domain).

Seeing as I've got a dynamic IP address, I also signed up with and use their Dynamic DNS service. I've configured everything to point to my external IP address. I made sure that the recipient policies in Exchange are set to the domain name which I've bought.

So far, I can send emails out from Outlook on the Xp machine. When I try to email a user, i get a bounceback.

Now, I've made sure that I can see the server publically by attempting to telnet to it through port 25. It creates a connection no problem. I haven't tried sending an email though from telnet, but what I do see is that the public IP and the server are viewable on the internet.

Could it be that the Dynamic DNS provider isn't good or being the problem? It's obvious that the emails are not even reaching the server or are they?

Any help would be deeply appreciated guys.


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You have lost me here........

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Emails to Exchange server ...

In your own words you have said:
>"So far, I can send emails out from Outlook on the Xp machine. When I try to email a user, i get a bounceback".<

If you can send out emails and it seams fine, what are you doing to get emails bouncing back?
Is this an INTERNAL or an EXTERNAL network or networks?

I would take a guess and say it would be your POP and SMTP ports. Since you have your own name but not a static ip address, this is most probably the problem. You might need to have a STATIC address set up to over come your problem(s).

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