Emails won't print in Outlook 2003

By abullock ·
Until last week, emails would print with no problems at all. All of a sudden, I am unable to print emails at all, but all other programs in office will print OK.
Any suggestions?

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What changed last week?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Emails won't print in Out ...

Did you change something to do with the default printer?

Have you looked at the print queue to see if something is stuck? Do you have a lot of documents waiting to print? Have you tried stopping/starting the print spooler?

Telling us which OS you're using and what printer you're using might help too.

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Regarding non printing of emails

by abullock In reply to What changed last week?

Thanks for your reply. I am using Xp Pro to a HP Laserjet 4000N. This is connected to LPT1 and is shared across a network. There is nothing in the queue, and other people on the network can print to it, and I can print from other windows applications with no problem. As far as I am aware, nothing is different from last week with no other applications installed. I have tried a repair option for Office 2003 with no success. Thanks

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Outlook won't print emails

by jimrushing In reply to Regarding non printing of ...

I have the same problem just in the last week. Have you solved the problem yet? If so, please share it with me ASAP.
J. C. "Jim" Rushing III

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You're new here....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook won't print email ...

... so I'll just give you a bit of advice.

Edit your replies and remove your email address. SPAM BOTS troll this website heavily. They'll pick that address up real soon and you'll have a flood of porn and all sorts of crap hit you.

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Try this...........

by El Superbeasto In reply to Emails won't print in Out ...

Delete the printer and then add it again

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Deleting printer

by abullock In reply to Try this...........

Thanks for your suggestion. I have deleted the printer and re-installed it again. This has made no difference to the outcome. Would it be worth uninstalling office and re-installing it again?

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Did you try printing to

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Deleting printer

the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer or another printer? That way you could determine if it is the printer or Microsoft Office. That would save you the trouble of uninstalling & reinstalling Office. If you do end up deleting Office, don't forget to export your Personal Folders to a PST file so you don't lose anything.

If it does let you print to the Image Writer (or another printer) I'd click the "Find Printer" button & see if you can locate your HP printer that way & see if it will print to it.

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Solutions Identified?

by jimrushing In reply to Emails won't print in Out ...

Dear A Bullock,
Are there any solutions identified yet? I have the same problem
J. C. "Jim" Rushing III

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Printing HTML Emails

by shesh_dxb In reply to Emails won't print in Out ...

I am also having a similar issue, if the user prints an email from Outlook 2003 nothing happens & when he tries to print some other email the first one gets printed. It is a HP Laserjet Printer 2055 Printer. I selected the option to print directly to the printer & restarted the printer, it is working ok now, but wonder if it was the right fix! Any help regarding this would be appreciated. Kind Regards Shesh

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