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Embarking on a degree. Your comments.

By pierre.camilleri@fostercl ·
Greetings everyone!

I thought of posting this here in order to obtain some feedback.
I am 42 years old and I work as an Information Systems administrator for a private medium sized manufacturing company. I?ve been in my present post for 10 years and I am hoping to get promoted to I.T. Manager in 7-8 years time once the present I.T. Manager retires at that time.
I love my job although at times I?ve become somewhat disillusioned with I.T. as well as with my present post. I?ve often considered changing jobs but unfortunately it is not an option for me nowadays due to my age and lack of opportunities in my country, Malta.
These past months I?ve been contemplating on whether to start studying for a degree and which area/s to study. I never had the chance of attending university to study for a degree due to financial reasons. I did however educate myself up to diploma level in I.T. and am a professional member of the British Computer Society.
At first I thought of taking a degree in Information Systems and Management but when I looked at the subjects such as Sociology, Organisation Theory and lots of theory I decided it was not suitable for me due to high reading content and essay writing which is not my forte. Other degrees had a high content of computer programming involved something which I wasn?t too keen on either since we hardly do any programming here and can?t see myself programming in the future. If I was involved in software development then it would have been different.
Lately I was considering taking a degree in Mathematics and Statistics after reading that having such a degree can be put to use in areas such as finance, management, research, I.T.
The reason I?m attracted to it is that I prefer reasoning out problems and working out solutions instead of having to read lots of text and having to recall what has been read! Furthermore when I had studied subjects such as Quantitative Methods and Business Modelling which had a high element of Maths and Statistics I always got good marks in them.
Obviously I?d have to study part-time and it would take me 7-8 years to complete the degree but I am hoping that once I get promoted I?d have something more to show in addition to my experience and performance. Who knows maybe an opportunity might crop up around that time and having such a degree might prove useful!
I would be happy to hear from you all with your comments.


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Out of the ordinary skills

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Embarking on a degree. Yo ...

I don?t know about Malta, but in the United States anything related to mathematics and finance go together pretty well. These skills open up positions, like forensic accounting, quite useful when following money trails. I, on the other hand, am more of a computer science/English kind of person. This means that I can do it and then explain how I did it. Good luck.

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