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embedding videos in websites

By FC-T. ·
Hello IT people I'm new here,
I'm working on a family website and would like to use flash videos rather than making viewers have to download .wmv or .mov files youtube doesn't cut it because of the youtube logo at the corner and the quality, I'm curious if anyone out here has any ideas of free good quality flash video players



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Flash is free

by LarryD4 In reply to embedding videos in websi ...

The Flash video player is free from the adobe web site.

Do you mean how would insert a flash movie in to a web site?

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yes, how to insert a flash video file in a website

by FC-T. In reply to Flash is free

I'm not sure how to code html or any of that, I'm doing a simple web site and instead of uploading videos to youtube then embedding the video to my site what other free players can i use with emphasis on quality

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Go generic Windows

by LarryD4 In reply to yes, how to insert a flas ...

You will need to understand and be able to code some HTML to imbed a Flash movie.

As a gui web user/developer I would suggest sticking to a windows friendly format such as .wmv. That way you should be able to use the gui interface for your web design software and imbed the movie. A move with the .wmv extension will play and use the media player built in to all Windows OS's

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by stephenmore88 In reply to embedding videos in websi ...

I'm not sure if you are still searching for flash video player for your website.
If yes, you can use the one I'm using, it is free, called Moyea web player, it is a flash video player maker -
It will be a quick solution to make a custom flash video player for website and add flv files to the player.

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Why not just have a hot link to a non proprietary video

by Deadly Ernest In reply to embedding videos in websi ...

stored on the host system. This saves you having to worry about platform compatibility and if they have the right player, and if they have Flash Blocker running. The embedded video will be part of the page download and will make it longer to download the page.

Also, having an embedded video will upset those who aren't interested in the video right at that moment.

Some of the embedded flash player will only work in the latest Windows systems and thus not visible to people with older Windows or non Windows systems.

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Message has been deleted.

by panamadany In reply to embedding videos in websi ...
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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to Message has been deleted.

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