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Emer. Undelete TO: synergy/dlo

By LordInfidel ·

Please do not stomp on my answer and say that it is wrong if you are going to answer with the same response.

Undelete 2.0 and Emergency Undelete are one and the same made by the same vendor, executive software.

Undelete 2.0 is the latest and greatest version. It was originally called Emergency Undelete. And it was/is not free! (if it was then exec soft owes me some $$$)

There _*is*_ a free download bottom of page called Deleted File Analysis Utility Freeware. But it is not the full blown version of Undelete.

I know this seems petty, but I don't appreciate being stomped on and then you steal my answer and make it sound like your own.

My orginal answer:

Emergency Undelete by Executive Software.

Answer #1 is slightly off - Emergency Undelete is a free download that can undelete files directly from your hard drive if they haven't actually been overwritten. The product you need is just call Undelete - this is the network recovery bin product from Executive Software - BTW, you can also get from them the full featured version of the defragmenter that is included in Win2K as a "lite"version - Diskkeeper - it's a great product, too. Hope this helps!

-If Emergency Undelete is what you say that it is. Then I must be smoking crack because the piece of software I have installed on my network file servers is called Emergency Undelete by Executive Software. Even the pretty box says so.

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