Emergency Help !! Win2k3 server crashed after sp2 update - BSD

By C-Tech ·
I installed the SP2 update on our windows 2003 server and now I get the blue screen after trying to reboot. Using the CD, it cannot see any hard drives since it is RAID. Can anyone help????

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Well the first thing is you need to add the RAID Driver

by OH Smeg In reply to Emergency Help !! Win2k3 ...

By pressing the F6 Key when the first Blue Screen of the Windows Installer appears.

Copy the RAID Driver to the Root of a Storage Device that you can use on your Server and when prompted direct the Windows Installer to this File. After that you can access the drives in the RAID Array.


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Unable to locate RAID driver disk or cd...

by C-Tech In reply to Well the first thing is y ...

Thanks OH Smeg, but I am unable to locate the driver diskette or CD. Man, I am in deep doo-doo! I acn't even boot into safe mode and there is no ERD! Anymore recommendations?

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Well that's not a major problem

by OH Smeg In reply to Unable to locate RAID dri ...

All you need do is log onto the System Makers Web Site or the M'Board Makers Web Site to get the RAID Driver.

You would have had to copy it to the Root of whatever media you can use on this server anyway so other than a short amount of Web Time there is no damage done.


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OK now that the easy bit is out of the way

by OH Smeg In reply to Unable to locate RAID dri ...

You need to work out how to proceed from here. If you think you can rebuild the Server Application quickly you can have a shot at it but if you are worried about the time required you may find that it's easier to just Install the Server Application again or restore from an Image whatever you have available. You'll also need the most recent Full Backup and your Last Incremental Backup to restore the Data to the System after the OS is working again.

As I don't know what you have available or what has happened here it is possible that the Partition Information on the RAID Drives has been deleted which means that the data is now gone. It may not be that bad but if you prepare for that type of thing you can only come out better off than what you are hoping for.

Also just how heavily used is this unit? If you have a Backup or other Server promote that to this ones position in the Domain to give you some breathing space while it gets fixed. If you don't have anything at all to push into temporary service lock the door and remove any Phone Plugs from the wall as you'll be harassed with phone calls demanding this to be returned to service 3 hours ago before the problem occurred.

Lets know how things go.


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