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Emergency Repair Disk

By svdpsc ·
Ref article written by Brien Posey,MSCE
I was unable to generate a ERD as Brien outlined in his well written article because my Sharp computer does not have a built in CD-ROM. I was using a Sony External CD-ROM with a PCMICA type II card.
The notebook computer does not have a Config. Sys or Autoexec.bat file so I have not been able to add a device driver. I download the driver from Sony's web site. I put it on a 1.44mb Diskette. We want to remove the Windows 2000 OS and restore it back to the orginal Windows 98se.Currently all we have is a Windows 98se Startup Disk but it does not reconize the external Sony External CD-ROM.
Please Help

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Try Bart's boot disks

by iamgap In reply to Emergency Repair Disk

I have had success in the past with his bootdisk offerings when a Win98 bootdisk didn't recognize the CDrom in a PC that I needed to build an image for.


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by ReallifeinUK In reply to Emergency Repair Disk

Easy answer assumong you have a floppy drive is to use a friends PC to create a bootable floppy including a CD Driver. easily done in 98 from Control Panel > Add Remove Programs> Windows Setup.

Once armed with this boot your PC from it , should recognise your External CD, switch to that drive and run setup from the 98 CD.

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PCMCIA II card...

by mrbill- In reply to Emergency Repair Disk

do you have the drivers for the pcmcia reader?

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Cd-rom with interface PC Card

by svdpsc In reply to PCMCIA II card...

Yes, I downloaded it from Sony's site but I do not know how to incorporate it into the Windows 98se startup disk. I do not want to format the hard drive until I can communicate with the Ext. CD-ROM Drive. The Start up disk has drivers for a oakCD-Rom.

PS: I installed the sony driver on to a 1.44 floppy.

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