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EMP protection?

By gregory.heins ·
I would like to know if this solid state system would protect against EMP attacks?

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Um, quick, before the grammar police come along.....

by JamesRL In reply to EMP protection?

I think you mean to say," I'd like to know if my solid state system is protected against EMP attacks".

I'm pretty sure your system would not protect against EMP attacks. An anti-ballastic missle system would protect against EMP attacks by nuclear missles.


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Even that....

by Slayer_ In reply to Um, quick, before the gr ...

Doesn't EMP travel along the ground? Wouldn't it still zap him even if it was detonated in the air?
What if he surrounds his system in lead?

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The typical EMP attack scenario

by JamesRL In reply to Even that....

Is a very high altitude "air burst" nuclear detonation to get the maximum effect. Detonating near the ground lowers the effect (of the EMP). One bomb of sufficient size placed centrally over the continental US, and burst at about 30 miles high could destroy electgronics equipement across the US.

Sure, you can shield the device. But have you isolated its power? An EMP can travel along power lines and telephone/network lines. This too can be designed ( US government Tempest standards), but its a little more than the average home owner could take on.


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So Canada survives? yay :)

by Slayer_ In reply to The typical EMP attack sc ...

But seriously though, we are frighteningly vulnerable. People think nuclear war is the next world war, I am betting it will be an electronic war, with countries stealing money and the final resolves always being EMP bursts.

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by mjd420nova In reply to EMP protection?

EMP protection has to start during the manufacturing process. Lead wouldn't stop an electro-magnetic pulse, a grounded shield is the only way but it is very limited. The manufacturers start by adding extra layers of aluminum above and below the actual substrate.

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Nuclear Hardened

by TheChas In reply to EMP protection?

If a system can survive an EMP event the documentation should state "Nuclear Hardened" as a feature or specification.

If you are connected (wired) in any way, or have an antenna in use such as wireless, I can all but guarantee that an EMP event will damage the device.

As was stated in one of the other posts, EMP protection / Nuclear Hardening must be designed into the device.

The power supply circuits must be designed to filter out large transient pulses of energy. Any and every outside world connection needs to be shielded and filtered.

Many of the internal components need to be oversize so they can survive the energy surge.

Your cell phone, MP3 player, car electronics, even a "Toughbook" laptop will all be damaged by an EMP event. Even if they are powered off and the batteries are removed, the circuits in most devices are so small that the power from an EMP event will cause damage.

Now, I suppose you could store some devices, with batteries removed, in a sealed shielded vault so that you could retrieve them after an EMP event. However, for most devices, you would have no way to use them as the power, cell phone and Internet would be damaged too.


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What are you planning.... Expecting an EMP attack? (nt)

by NexS In reply to EMP protection?


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by david.planchon In reply to EMP protection?


You probably do not work for a government agency, or you would be aware of the various FIPS, and other regulatory items which cover this general topic.

So what's your actual concern? question?

As others have stated an EMP or HEMP or NNEMP discharge will damage or destroy just about any electrical/electronic device that wasn't designed from ground up to withstand such an occurrence; and let me tell you that's just about everything - including the entire US power grid.
Ever since the end of the Cold War, even our strategic installations aren't as well protected (if at all) against such attacks.

So even if you had a working computer and an independent working supply of power after an EMP burst/storm, every thing else around would be fried anyway. What do you think you could achieve?

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by santeewelding In reply to huh?

You bring ontological calm.

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Must..... save..... porn.....

by Slayer_ In reply to huh?

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