Employee Monitoring Software

By michael.burgess ·
What do you recommend for free or cheap software to monitor an employees usage on a PC.

something that takes screenshots

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Monitoring employee

by terryh In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

Stand behind them while they work....

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You don't need us

by Kiltie In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

There are many about
Try Google
or a site such as SoftPedia

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I've searched google

by michael.burgess In reply to You don't need us

Yes, but what is the best free or cheap software to do what I need.. I have tried google and found software on sourceforge but it doesn't work correctly.. elogger.

I have an employee that I need to monitor after hours, without giving any details this employee is turning in overtime and isn't doing anything while he is at work. I need keys logged and screenshots of whats on the screen. Sorry if I wasn't more specific in my earlier post but it's been a hectic week. I tried hypercam and it eats up a lot of resources and I've tried elogger.

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007 Spy software

by kipcliff In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

Is $40 cheap enough to record abuse of company resources? Yeah, I know, a little late.

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ActivityMon - cheap solution for you

by rsvihalek In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

Look at - it monitors started/stoped applications, keystrokes typed, loged users, takes screenshots and a lot of other features are planed. You can use it for free until the 1st of December 2009

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Employee Monitoring Software

by WDISTD In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

If you don't really want to spy after your employees but want to see common negative trends in the company you could try this <a href=""> employee monitoring</a> software - WorkTime.

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by TonyHawk74 In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

What about keylogger,i use ProteMac Keybag.It's keylogger can store your keystrokes.It helps me a lot.Try

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Proxy server

by oldbaritone In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

Send everyone's internet through a proxy server; that's easy to log.

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Zombie Alert

by Kenone In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

And an old one at that.

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side note

by brian In reply to Employee Monitoring Softw ...

if you are going to do this, make sure that in your internet policy or system policy you mention that system traffic can be monitored and recorded for review at any time...try to cover the legalities so they don't come back and try to sue you for invasion of privacy. Yes, though it is a company/corporate computer, if you do not have a clause like this built into your policies, you may end up in some hot water...just saying.

*i do not give professional legal advice, for complete legal advice and guidence, contact your company lawyer or law firm. These are opinions expressed by myself not of my company.

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