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Employee Tracking Vacation

By jpreza1 ·
Anybody knows of a good and reliable software for employee vacation tracking? I work for a small company, less than 100 employees. They're abusing good faith and taking more vacation than they should. What we need is a system where employees can log in, request vacation (based on what they have left and available) then submit for approval.


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Plenty of software packages out there

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Employee Tracking Vacatio ...

Honestly, though, I think you could get SAP or Oracle to have consultants for you on site free of charge to install and support their respective ERP systems, and it wouldn't make much of a difference. The problem seems to be one of personnel management.

Do you have a HR person on site? If so, they're clearly not doing the job. Even with pen, paper and manila folders, keeping a file on all 100 employees is fairly easy.

If you don't have an HR person on hand, someone should be designated as the 'owner' of this process, and clearly defined policies & expectations set forth.

That all said, here is a pretty decent site for finding smaller-scale enterprise software packages. If you scroll on the left, you'll see some personnel management apps.

Best of luck!

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by GSG In reply to Plenty of software packag ...

I agree. This is something that HR should be tracking. If not them, then accounting.

Vacation time is listed on the books as a debt. When it's used, the debt is reduced. That's one of the reasons why so many companies place a cap on accrued paid time off and offer incentives for it's use.

So, like NotSoChiGuy said, your HR person is not doing their job. If you don't have an HR package, then you could even work up a simple spreadsheet with formulas that calculates time left and have each manager keep track of it.

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by jck In reply to HR

Or you could have someone write you a simple little application.

Vacation accrual/tracking isn't that difficult, as long as you have set rules and procedures ready to go and on the books.

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