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I work in the computer forensics field and currently we are experiencing a 45-47% turnover of personnel. Does anyone know the average turnover for the IT field? I believe our turnover rate is extremely high compared to other specialities. We have lost over 20 people in the last year and only had 50 to begin with.

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That seems a bit excessive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Employee Turnover

Have you asked the people concerned just why they are leaving?

It could be long hours work pressure or just the job itself but good staff are worth their weight in gold so I try to keep the good ones no matter what.

The only place I've seen staff turnover at that rate is in the Commission only Sales field where if you don't get a lot of sales you go hungry.


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Government Turnover

by JamesRL In reply to Employee Turnover

I suspect that the fact you are in a hot job field and working for the government is a factor.

I have worked in both the private and public sectors, and in general working for the government you trade off wages for job security. If you find yourself highly qualified, you are headhunted by recruiters trying to get you to move to the more lucrative corporate side. After a while its hard to resist.

You should try to see if you can get some exit interviews with the staff leaving. I was always happy to do them.


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Unreasonable turnover rate, even for civil service

by DC_GUY In reply to Employee Turnover

Over time, civil service tends to attract and retain people who have personalities and other traits that match the organizational culture. People who value job security over rapid advancement, who treasure the right to speak their minds without fear of being punished too harshly, and who have faith that government is a positive force but a very inefficient one that moves at glacial speeds. It has also traditionally been a haven for women, gays, ethnic and religious minorities, eccentrics, people with disabiilties, and anyone who suffers discrimination "outside."

If you're not slowly becoming the typical civil service shop with the typical civil service staff, you must be doing something wrong.

High stress? "Forensic" brings up an image of the "Navy NCIS" tv show. Acquiring that staff of outrageous one-percenters is a long, discouraging process. Most civil servants can put up with stress that would destroy most of us in three months: abrasive working relationships, incompetent Peter-Principled superiors, and projects with a zero probability of success. What they demand in return is a predicatable 9-to-5 work life that they can walk away from every night and go home to their "real life." No overtime, no beeper, no homework, minimal travel, long and frequent breaks, no being shot at. They also demand a mission that is compatible with their own value system. They tolerate skimming from the public trough and pretending to be doing something important when they're not, but they draw the line at outright scamming of the taxpayers and facilitating nefarious political strategies.

It could be that your unit hasn't been in existence long enough to sort itself out and slowly accumulate the people who will stay.

Or it could be that you need to take a good look at your mission statement and decide whether it appeals to left-leaning, outspoken, unadventurous, risk-averse, principled homebodies who come to work primarily for the pay, the companionship, the vague sense of civic pride, but who already get "satisfaction" in some other more important area of their life.

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Sounds like the Post Office

by SkipperUSN In reply to Employee Turnover

That is a very high turnover rate - That means you replace the entire staff every 2 or 2.5 years. That is high cost in Training alone.

Whats cauing it ... bad management - bad pay - bad benefits ... Overworked under pay .... the company just plan sucks .. something is causing this turnover... Are you having exit interviews - what has come out of those ... is your management hiding the problems...

Your HR needs to do some digging - or if you are an Executive you need to do the digging and fire those that are screwing up the place - even if they are family ...

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Computer Forensics

by worker bee In reply to Employee Turnover

Computer Forensics is a pretty hot field now. Someone with up to date skills and a current security clearance can get some really attractive offers in the private sector.

Another factor is that often these people are not treated as valued employees. Last week I assisted a government computer forensics guy with some network and hardware issues. It seems his supervisors expect him to be the office network admin in addition to his other duties.

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How long

by Black Panther In reply to Employee Turnover

I have a friend in Australia who works for the Police ( IT Forensics ). One of the factors is "how long can you keep looking at porn, peadofilia, etc etc without it having some affect your mind??"

They also get a lower pay than other Government paid employees - although one of the benefits is that they are kept up to date technologically.

Have any studies been done in the U.S. for long term employees on the affects of constantly seeing the acts of the depraved and sick minded?

Do you rotate duties to give them a break from the mundane? What do they find interesting?

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It's not rocket science.

by DC_GUY In reply to How long

"Have any studies been done in the U.S. for long term employees on the effects of constantly seeing the acts of the depraved and sick minded?"

Yes. And these "studies" don't have to be very formal or rigorous to yield some pretty obvious conclusions. Twenty years ago in my former life I was at our well-attended monthly workshop for state and municipal government managers and the topic was job stress.

There was no such thing as computer forensics then, but the speaker noted that employees of many government organizations such as the coroner, paramedics, children's social work, animal control, etc., are the ONLY people in the country who can't just walk into a bar after work and start unloading about what a lousy day they had. Even their spouses become overwhelmed with depression.

My wife was "merely" a medical social worker -- on the renal (kidney) ward of a public hospital. It was ten years after being promoted to a desk job and five years after leaving the hospital entirely, that I noticed she was finally able to begin maintaining a generally upbeat attitude about life.

There's a special place in heaven reserved for forensic pathologists, pedophile trackers, public defenders (not to imply that many of their clients aren't genuinely innocent), etc., and the people who marry them.

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Question Answered

by Black Panther In reply to It's not rocket science.

Sounds like you have pretty much answered the question!

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