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    Employee Who Seems to Want to Be Fired


    by jockbir ·

    we are a very small department.

    my assistant started from day one asking to be let go. Since I was in need of help and willing to take a chance I told him/her no, we could work and see how things went. But as time has gone, he/she tells me what he/she will do one job at a time and that is all.

    No more. And he/she tells me what jobs he/she will do.

    I have given verbal and written warnings and they work for about 2-3 weeks and then this person goes back to telling me that he/she needs training, not going to do it. This person has done the jobs many times, but every time in this mood, not going to do it, needs training!

    What gets me is that this person can do the work, just does not want to and seems to like pushing my button and my button with 170 users is easy to push.


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      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Employee Who Seems to Want to Be Fired

      I don’t understand two things.

      1) This person wants to be let go but doesn’t want to quit, is this because the person doesn’t plan on working at all and would be qualified for Unemployment if fired as opposed to quittnig?

      2) Why haven’t you siomply agreed and moed on with someone who REALLY wants to work with you.

      I thouhgt that in the US IT staff are BEGGING for jobs. Why are you restricted to work with someone who won’t work.

      If you FIRE the person as unable to perform the neccessary tasks, he/she is gonna have an extended wait for Unemploment insurance anyway does this person inderstand he/she may as well quit?

      Why write the letters, bite the bullet and dop yourself a favour. Someone who doesn’t want to work never will and simply doesn’t have to.
      Someone who has a problem workin gCONSISTENTLY from day to day is NOT an employee but a leech with an attitude.

      “Pay me and let me do what I want or I’ll cry”
      “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, and oh ..That’s OUR disk, not yours. Thank you, good bye.”

      another reason this person may wish to be fired instead of walking out is that if (in Canada anyhow) if you fire someone on he spot, you are required to pay IN FULL AND UP TO THE MINUTE, all outstanding pay AND holiday pay. If the person walks, they must wait for the normal pay period and payday. Some people want to get fired so they can walk with money right away, others want to get fired so they have less wait time for UI.
      Either way, YOU are the one losing right now, wash your hands of this loser ad move in with someone EAGER to work, there are tonnes of them.

      Good luck!

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      Reply To: Employee Who Seems to Want to Be Fired

      by tech_wiz03 ·

      In reply to Employee Who Seems to Want to Be Fired

      Don’t beat a dead horse anymore!!!

      1) Make sure you have a paper trail outlining continued efforts to resolve the situation with the employee.

      2) Upon 3 write-ups on the same issue’s, post tendering for procuring a replacement employee (don’t provide current employee clue that you are looking). If employee after 3 write-ups smartens up without prodding ok, otherwise hand out the pinkslip.
      Canada: EI is available only to employee’s that
      were fired without cause, or laidoff
      due to work shortage or downsizing.
      EI is not available if you quit, or are
      fired for verifiable insubordination
      or refusal to do duties with-in your
      job description.
      Firing an employee with paper trail, employee must wait till next regular
      pay period.
      Firing an employee without notice and
      without paper trail gives employee
      right to obtain immediate collection
      of monies due in lieu of notice.
      Consider that a bad employee, can have irreversable and devastating effect to the business if permitted to reaain. Your customers will likely pick up on the employee’s demeaner.


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      Reply To: Employee Who Seems to Want to Be Fired

      by jockbir ·

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