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Employees are customers too!

By Ramanathan.Srikumar ·
The nature and demands of a job in an enterprise have changed in multiple ways in the last three decades since I started working. When I first joined the workforce, the kind of technology that I had access to at work was much more advanced than anything that I could have dreamt of having at home. Over the last decade or so, this has been turned on its head. Today, the average home has much more sophisticated technology than a typical workplace. I used to head up the technology space in a fairly forward looking organization, and I know how slowly we adopted new versions of operating systems and personal productivity software and utilities, and for all the valid reasons. I know of organizations that continued to use Windows XP on desktops and laptops until early last year! It took the workplace years to move to Wifi, and they are still not as prevalent in the work place as they are at homes. Tablets and wireless actually made entry into the workplace only because the C-suite demanded it, and only because they had it at home first. In fact, Apple entered most of the enterprises through the home!
The people who are entering the workforce today have grown up using mobile devices , the user-friendly interfaces of Facebook and LinkedIn, and convenient and instant communications such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. They don’t know what downtime is and cannot comprehend why any system should be unavailable for any period of time. They want to be able to search for any information anytime and get the response immediately. They want to be able to collaborate with multiple people without being intrusive.
Customer delight is the goal for most organizations, and to excel in that area, organizations need to ensure that they attract the best talent and give them the tools that make them most productive. The typical back-office and operations staff in any organization still regularly deal with multiple systems and multiple interfaces in order to complete their tasks. Even technology teams within organizations seldom have the ability to collaborate within the walls of the organization as well as they can with total strangers outside the organization, through chatrooms and Twitter feeds.
While you are focusing on delighting your customer, remember your employees are customers too! Enterprises that are paying attention to this are going to be more successful in attracting the right talent and retaining them.

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