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By FluxIt ·
Several years ago I was seeking a new employer. Many of them were interested and I conducted interviews.

One told me they wanted to see me giving 4 hr notice to fly up. I rushed home, threw on a suit and called a cab. After 8 hrs traveling I arrived at the hotel around midnight to have the phone ring.

It was the employer who decided to move the interview up 1 hr to 7am. The next morning I went over to the place. They made me sit in the lobby 1 hr. Then 4 people gang interviewed me for 2hrs followed by another 4 people for 2 hrs. The discussions were generally incoherent and rambled. Then I went to the Directors office where a battery of annoying psychological test were conducted. Then set me up for a hand off where they offered methe position and began another series of obnoxious questioning to determine not so much my competitive value but how little they had to pay me.

I played the silly game dodging the answers the wanted. Out of frustration they just asked me an illegal question – I thought a moment and decided to answer. Almost immediately they put an offer down and put me on the street for 8 hrs with no lunch or someone taking a few moments to show me around the area before flying me back to think about the offer.

I turned it down. My comment to them was thanking them for letting ME interview them.

I think so many techies focus on the technical challenges and fail to realize that the employer is not the only one conducting interviews. What would the employer have done if I walked into his office and asked him to take off his jacket, rollup his sleeves, and put a messy doughnut in front of him. Then began talking about meeting women, health problems, and my military days?

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Psychologists gone crazy


Part of the problem with job interviews is that psychologists have developed all sorts of evaluations and attempt to profile people. Employers then shop for the kind of profile they like and then select a battery of test that go with that profile.
Often this involves written test, structured interviews, and role playing on the interviewers part. In one interview the employer disagreed with everything I said no matter what is said. In fact, I could say my tongue is red and would disagree. That same interviewer called me at 0500 on Saturday morning and wanted me to see him as soon as possible. In other interviews, I have had IQ test, personality test, and evaluations. In one interview recently, I was being recruited away but once in the meeting it turned into a KMart style interview for a professional level job. Coincidentally, that company is struggling now and I would have been unemployed.

What ever happened to the old style careers? I think part of the problem is these placement agencies looking to turn bodies at buck.

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Questions at the Interview?

by bonjour In reply to Psychologists gone crazy

How do you ask the right questions at an interview? If they are attempting to manipulate you through questions, is there anything you can do to really find out about the company?

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Yes, there is

by lance.gillis In reply to Questions at the Intervie ...

Ask to speak with a couple of the people in the department that the opening is in. Arrive early and talk to the receptionist. Ask them how long they have been there and are the people nice. do the employees seem happy? And other questions to getthe feel of the culture. Ask to have the prior incumbent of the job you are applying for to call you. (I love asking that one.) Bottom line? If you want to know, ask the people. Also good idea to have a credit report done on them to make sure they are doing ok. Good luck

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You are Principled

by FluxIt In reply to Questions at the Intervie ...

In any interview you are a principled person and you aspire to those principles. Also You need to make it clear up front that you are evaluating this as a potential opportunity. Put the employer on notice that he is being evaluated by saying something to the effect that you are interested in open environment and a boss who is alert, involved, and comfortable to work with. Ask what do you and your company do to promote a comfortable work environment.

Second learn about these various test that they do so you can recognize them and it may be of value to you to even expose it in the interview. My father did this one time when an employer insulted him in the interview as a test tactic. The interviewer apologized to my father and wanted to offer him the job. My father turned it down stating that he could not respect his actions even with the apology. The offer was out of humiliation more than anything else.

Most employers keep a one page reference sheet that is used when applying forcredit or establishing accounts with vendors. Ask for a copy of that sheet it has thier professional references on it such as clients, banks, and creditors. You'll be able to establish the worthiness of the business. Second, talk to the vendors and consultants. Most enron vendors and consultants would tell you that they were extremely arrogant.

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