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    Employer won’t disclose hourly billing rate after working 2 months


    by jj_blue_ball ·

    I have been at this job for almost 2 months now and I am getting some strange feelings about the wok enviornment. The owner is a major cheap skate and he is also young (late 20’s). We are a small company with 4 employees.

    I do system/network administration, system maintenance and some help desk work. I know that I’m not getting top dollar but am fairly satisfied with my pay rate. I actually got what I asked for in the interview after an hou of haggling.

    Now, here’s the dilemma. I used to own my own business doing the same thing he is doing, but I moved across the country and then back again. Upon moving back, I was hired by this company. The owner knows that I have no intention or even the means to start my own company at this point.

    I’ve asked what they charge for administration work probably 4-5 times (when it was appropriate, they were talking about billing and how many hours I had worked..) They always tell me that it depends upon the customer (because they do work for non-profits at times). They really try to get off the question very quickly and act like they have to go do something or make a phone call all the sudden.

    What would you think of this? How would you handle this? Is this strange?

    Thanks for any input here!

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      My sympathy…

      by btd ·

      In reply to Employer won’t disclose hourly billing rate after working 2 months

      I agree, that would bother me as well. “Depends on the customer”? So if it’s a friend the invoice gets mis-filed and if it’s a government office you put the screws to them to make up the difference? Sounds like a lawsuit lying in wait to me. All I can say is be careful. We had a company in the area that didn’t allow their techs to calculate their hours onsite or have a say in the billing. The owner was a “friend” of a city employee and they got caught over billing (2x – 5x over) the city for work. Owners got sued, and fined; BUT most of the techs that were working there at the time took the hit and can’t get another IT job in the area. Not saying that’s the situation your in, just be careful. Log EVERYTHING.

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        Couple factors possibly….

        by t mike ·

        In reply to My sympathy…

        ~Kid could be intimidated by yer time/skills in the industry & wants to play it close to his core group that helped him grow-
        ~Kid may have allready learned to “take a look at the road & determine just what kind of a load$ it will bear” in his billing/bidding-
        *you have some local contacts in the industry-?-be a sleuth and get some feelers out…!!….could be time to hang your own ‘shingle’ back out there…

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          On the right track

          by jj_blue_ball ·

          In reply to Couple factors possibly….

          The owner is virtually my age and is extremely skilled in what he does. I just think his work ethic is lacking. would rather pay others to do the work and take long meetings and days off.

          As far as the bidding, it shouldn’t matter what he charges customers but in a small company not telling makes it seem like he has something to hide. I bust my ass. He gets 60 hours or more of work out of me in a 40 hour week.

          I’d love to start my own again. Just using this as a confidence builder and to learn some “best practices” and what not to do…

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        I hear your advice

        by jj_blue_ball ·

        In reply to My sympathy…

        I’ve been logging and keeping track of what I do. ESPECIALLY my time card and expenses. This punk is doing something funny with my time card to keep from paying OT. Pisses me off. This is the 3rd boss in a row that has done this. The last 2 ended up getting audited by the dept of labor.

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      Also, the company is not insured or bonded

      by jj_blue_ball ·

      In reply to Employer won’t disclose hourly billing rate after working 2 months

      It is a company of 5 people and we work in some pretty large production businesses. I’d say there are 20-30 business customers total. It is a sole proprietorship. Since he is not bonded or insured, can I be held liable for anything? I’d think not..

      Any suggestions on what to “absorb” while there?

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        RE:Bonding or insured

        by btd ·

        In reply to Also, the company is not insured or bonded

        My understanding of bonding or insurance is that it is to cover the costs of an incomplete contract or unsatifactory results from a completed job. As long as the contracts are signed with the company, unless your name appears on the contract, you shouldn’t be liable for anything they do in billing.

        When you say “absorb”, are we talking costs? None… ok maybe meals if your traveling. I try to never buy parts for the company, even if it means delaying the customer’s repair. Inventory and supply is up to your employer… it actually took a burn or 2 for me to learn that.

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