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Currently I am in school, I will get my associates in Computer Information Systems in August and then I am planning on working while finishing my Bachelor's online. I would like to get into either database administration or network administration but I'm not sure that any employers would hire someone with just an associates and no other IT job experience. Any ideas to help me get that first job?
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You should better start your own business

by mariopepper In reply to Employment opportunities

If you want to do something special and get profit from your own results you should try to make your own business.
Find several employees, use crm for communication like (link removed by moderator) espocrm and use your current skills for database administration or network administration services.

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You can start your job search here

by stmlk In reply to Employment opportunities


A year ago, I was in the same situation. I had just finished my MA and was trying to land my first job, something that can be quite overwhelming since most employers ask for experience and not just relevant qualifications. What I would advise you is to keep developing your knowledge through online courses and training, gather experience on relevant projects from voluntary work and check out this job board:

I ended up landing my first job from applying through this platform myself, hence I'm suggesting it. In addition, it has loads of helpful resources for your job search too.

Hope this helps.

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Get your foot in the door

by brucejones2nd In reply to Employment opportunities

Hi, I was also in a similar situation. I took an IT position at a data center that only required you have A+ certification. The job didn't pay much, but it was a way to get my foot in the door with an IT company. Stayed there for 7 months, got my Net+ while there, then landed another (my current) job, that took my 7 months experience into consideration, doubling my previous pay. Been there now for 14 months.

Definitely look for any opportunity to get started in the IT field, even if it's not your ideal (dream) job. It's rare to land something like that out the gate. But, if you get your foot in the door, you can use that as a stepping stone. Then rinse and repeat until you get where you want to be.


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by talhaaxhar34 In reply to Employment opportunities

If you really want to earn well learn network administration and do business even start with a small business it will make profit than a job even then there is a chance of growth.
Have a nice day.

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