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Empty System Folder

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have an empty folder (icon)with no name in my WIN98 My Computer folder. Property details are not available. Right click on that folder icon brings up Cut, Create Shortcut or Delete options. None of those options actually do anything to that folder. The folder "Type" is listed as a System Folder. I just want to get rid of this folder and anything associated with it. Norton Works2001 reveals no troubles or orphan files or empty folders. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Empty System Folder

by TheChas In reply to Empty System Folder

The first thing I would do, is open up Windows Explorer, and look at the folder from there.

It may show up things you can't see in the My computer view.

Then, go to tools, folder options.
Click on the view tab.
In hidden files, if hide system files is checked, windows will not show you the hidden and system files.

This is a "safety" feature so that un-skilled computer users do not accidentily delete critical OS files.

If needed, click on show all files, then apply, and look at thefolder again.
If there are still no files, it should be safe to delete the folder.

Play it safe.
Boot the system at least twice before you remove the deleted file from the recycle bin.

If you get an error when you boot, boot into safe mode, and restore the folder from the recycle bin.

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Empty System Folder

by computab In reply to Empty System Folder

Run Scandisk before deleting it to ensure that there are no disk errors.

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Empty System Folder

by vtsuk In reply to Empty System Folder

Was this fantum folder there before you installed Nortons System Works XXXX

what did you do before you noticed this folder?
- play/install a game
- add/remove a programe
- edit the registy

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