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By purerice ·
hi people...i need some help working on a network that does not allow a user to chat...something like the chat port has been blocked on the there such a thing and how then can i unblock enable online chat...i hav etried net start but nothing..??

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Take the hint

by Choppit In reply to enable chat

If someone has gone to the trouble of blocking chat sessions then there's probably a pretty sound reason for it. Why not channel your energy into working instead?, after all, that's what you get paid for.

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How to unblock ports

by house In reply to enable chat

Or not!!! Sorry. Geeks have a strange sense of humour.

You cannot unblock it. If the admins are blocking ports, then they might have reason to think that staff are not working and that they are simply there to hog the ressources.

At one place I work, you can't even visit msn, let alone use msngr, ICQ, or other such clients.

If you really want to push your luck, there are a lot of different chat programs that use a lot of different ports. Look them up...your "chat buddies" will most definitely need the prog as well.

Try mIrc if you need to, but I can guarantee that you will get a blast of ****...big brother is watching you.

Don't do anything stupid though, we (IT) can see everything you do if we really want to. We can even watch you move your mouse around on your screen. Scary isn't it. Just do your job within the corporate policies and lay off the fun and games.

What ever happened to email?

I work part-time for an ISP and we use MSN to communicate. Strange?!?!? Secure????? ...better than yelling down the hall I guess.

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Try Skype

by MIS_Man In reply to How to unblock ports

Use Skype for chatting...thats if you workstation isn't locked down...Have you tried taking the IT people out to lunch or ordering pizza? that can do wonders. Geeks are human too.


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Pizza is the best solution

by house In reply to Try Skype

I'd open it up for some pizza. And if it's in Canada, bring us a Tim Horton's coffee. I'll do anything for a Tim's.

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