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Enable my VB arrogance

By sjohnson175 ·
I've been building VB applications since 1995 but always desktop only or client/server.

I've tweaked a few ASP pages along the way but have never built one from the ground up. I now have an opportunity to do that but can't use ASP.Net yet as it has not been adopted here.

I'm using InterDev as my editor and the project is a simple data entry piece that will call stored procedures passing the data entered on the form as parameters when a Submit button is clicked.

Can I accomplish this without any of that curly-bracketed JavaScript crap? I just want my Object-dot-method/property I'm used to from the world of VB. Hence my use of the word arrogance. :)

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by JimmyF In reply to Enable my VB arrogance

Yes, you can. The curly-bracketed crap may yield a better interface, but you can do the whole thing with VBScript.

If you have the data-entry page submit the data to page2.asp, then in a script block at the top of page2.asp, you can pull the form fields out using this syntax:

strName = Request.Form("txtName")
Then, once you have all of the fields, just create an ADO connection, a command and parameters. The site has good info on how to do this. From there you should be fine.

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by bschaettle In reply to Enable my VB arrogance

Well, you can probably get away with not using JavaScript on this project, but my advice is to take this opportunity to learn it now while you can. If you get tossed into an ASP.NET project with absolutely no background in JavaScript, you're going to regret it. Everything on a webpage is an object with attributes and methods you can manipulate using JavaScript.

I found the O'Reilly book, "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" to be an outstanding resource for this language.


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by sjohnson175 In reply to

I have some experience with JS. I just don't like the syntax. Never have.

I am quite comfortable with object theory since I've been pushing the envelope of VB6's object model for some time.

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by sjohnson175 In reply to Enable my VB arrogance

Thanks, JimmyF. Must I submit to page2.asp? Why can't I just take care of it all within one page? Or perhaps I should ask why shouldn't I?

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