Enable user automatic logoff after inactivity

By bryantsel ·
I am running a windows server and a bunch of client xp systems. I need to log users off with they become inactive for a certian amount of time. I do not care if I can enable a group policy with the server or change some settings on each computer. If anyone would know how to enable this, let me know.

Bryant Selko
Open Harvest Food Co-op

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What do you want to do Log them off the Server or

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Enable user automatic log ...

Just prevent someone else walking in and gaining access to the server from their desktop or workstation?

If all you want to do is stop other people using the various workstations just set a Screen Saver and tell it to ask for a Password when the end user attempts to activate the computer again.

That will prevent any unauthorised access to the server while different staff members are out of their areas on lunch or the like. Of course it requires that each workstation has it's own password but this should already be in place and hopefully the password/s are not written on a bit of paper stuck to the desk under the Keyboard or on the Bottom of the Keyboard.


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Auto log off

by bryantsel In reply to What do you want to do Lo ...

I work in a grocery store with people that come and go often...and they do not log off their own computers. I want to log people off of their work station after they are inactive for an hour or two.

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Well the easiest way is to set a Screen Saver

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Auto log off

To cut in at a designated down time and make it need to log back in by the user entering their Password at the time that the Screen Saver gets turned off.

It might not be the Highest Tech Solution but it's easy to implement and simple to keep working.


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Good idea, but won't work in all cases

by bryantsel In reply to Well the easiest way is t ...

Well I though of that, and a screen saver would work in most cases. Though I have a few computers with many users, so if one user forgets to log off and the computer locks the screen then only that person or an administrator can unlock it. Since only those two people can unlock it this posses a problem for me.

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Single account instead of many?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Good idea, but won't work ...

I have several computers used by multiple users in the factory. For these we have a single user account for all users, with a fixed password, allowed to log on to only those factory computers, and with the bare minimum privileges necessary to do their work. No e-mail, no Internet, and read-only access to network shares. These accounts aren't even members of Domain Users. Some users have access to our ERP system, but it requires a separate login and has an inactivity timer.

Would this work for you?

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Not trying to be a **** by shooting every answer down.

by bryantsel In reply to Single account instead of ...

I run into the issue of having a computer where staff like myself, accountants, and the deli manager access. These people want services like the email and their own bookmarks. So while creating one account would make things simpler, they will want all their own preference and worry about others accessing their web pages, files, and email.

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Use winexit

by kedarby In reply to Not trying to be a dick b ...

I'm not sure if you've received an answer by now. You may want to look at winexit. This is part of the windows server 2003 resource kit but, it does work on windows xp. the only thing I don't like is it replaces your screen saver. you can set it up for a certain number of minutes of inactivity and you have also a countdown until, not only does it log you out but it will shutdown all active software (if you configure it to do so).

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by patrick In reply to Enable user automatic log ...

AutoLogoff is a tool that is manageable by group policy that does exactly what you want. Please take a look at

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