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    Enabling Jump Drives?


    by sblakeup ·

    In several of our public facilities (labs, library, etc.) we’ve set security so users can’t do much except execute programs and save files to their network drive space.

    Now comes the part where I’m suffering some brain mush: several students on campus cart their files back and forth from home with jump drives. Is there a fairly easy way to allow them to access the drives in Win 2K short of circumventing security too badly? And while we’re on this subject, is there a very compelling BAD reason to not want to give them this privilege (aside from opening the machines up to mishief by circumventing security)? We certainly want to make life convenient for students and keep them happy tuition-paying campers, but not at the expense of sacrificing security completely. We’re not that altruistic.

    Thanks in advance for brilliant ideas…


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      by jdgretz ·

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      Not knowing how locked down your machines are it’s difficult to answer. A normal W2K machine will simply recognize the drive when it is inserted into a working USB port. There is nothing they have to do for it to work. If you have the ports shut down, then the Jump Drives will not work.

      Do your users have access to Windows Explorer or the My Computer icon? If so, then they should be able to see their drive.

      If you allow the users access to the CD drive, then allowing them access to a Jump Drive is not much different.

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      by allthegoodnamesweregone ·

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      Local Security Policy->Security Options->Devices: Allowed to format and eject removable media. set this to administrators and interactive users. that should give them only the permissions you want them to have.

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      by sblakeup ·

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