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Enabling Local Administrator account

By rizvi4all ·
Any one knows how to enable local administrator account in win xp while using user account. I actually delete my admin account and by default admin is disable. IS there any soloution to enable it.

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by dmiles In reply to Enabling Local Administra ...

Method 1: Using TweakUI Power Toy for Windows XP

Download TweakUI from here:

v2.00 for Windows XP | v2.10 for XP SP1 and above

Open TweakUI and click "Logon" option in the left pane. Put a checkmark against the option "Show Administrator on Welcome Screen". Click OK to close TweakUI. Logoff and see if Welcome Screen lists Administrator login. Changes are immediate and you can use the Winkey + L to switch back to Welcome Screen to see Administrator account is listed.

Use this procedure to hide/unhide any user account from the Welcome Screen. Please remember, you can still login to a hidden account using CTRL+ALT+DEL classic logon method, but cannot Fast User Switch to a hidden user account.

Method 2

Click Start, Run and type Regedit.exe

Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ SpecialAccounts \ UserList

Use the File, Export option to backup the key.

Right-click in the right pane and select New DWORD Value.

Type-in Administrator as the value.

Double-click Administrator, and assign a value of 1

Close Regedit

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Re -: Method 1 & 2

by Lockeyp In reply to

METHOD 1....I tried to download TweakUI from the website but unable to install/delete any progammes the message stipulates that I would need the permission of the administrator whilst being able to download email & websites, so I went no.
I also followed the instruction of method 2. The computer would only let me go so far... right up to the stage where you said 'Right click' I could only get up to (Use the File, Export option to backup the key), it would not let me go any further. Could you help me to resolve this problem Please. Many Thanks

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Command Line administrator recovery - Windows XP

by CHRISEGILO In reply to Re -: Method 1 & 2

First of all, there are several methods to create an administrator account in WinXp. However the complexity varies and depending on your version of windows and your personal ability to navigate through the registry and local policy.

I will assume that you are running windows XP home. The reason being this is the most difficult version to recover an Admin Password, as there is no group policy editor and furthermore, some very good utilities will not run on XP home that would enable and expedient recovery.

REBOOT YOUR SYSTEM IN Safe mode with network support. (Tap F8 on boot up, and you will get an alternative boot menu)

<!-- You will need to use the "AT" command to run as your system (\NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE). The command will be run in two parts: 1. to add the user, 2. to elevate the security privileges of the new user to the administrators group. The first part is as follows: -->



AT (HOUR: MINUTE) /INTERACTIVE Net USER SYSOP\ /add /passwordreq:YES /fullname:"System Operator"

*** Insert the time after the command "AT" when you want this command to run as your system. DO NOT do anything until this command is executed.

You can monitor the processes with task manager or a similar utility, when this command has been executed you will have created the new user.

To check to see if the user is active you type:


You should see the active user in the list.

***NEXT*** You must add this user to the administrator groups. Again we are going to use the system to elevate the security privileges.



Again, specify the time you want the command executed.

As long as you have never changed the SYSTEM permissions, this will work fine.

If you have any issues PM me and I can assist further.

Christopher Egilo.

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by bcmathis In reply to Enabling Local Administra ...

You can try to right click on my computer, go to managage > users & groups > users and create a new user or if you have no admin rights you can go to and download Barts PE , make a cd and create a new admin account but that takes more time and requires a XP CD to create... its a great tool for recovery though

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