Encrypted File Acess Denied

By anilmathew001 ·
I had Win2k Prof on my old laptop and some files were encryted since my laptop crashed i have the old hardisk connected on usb to my new laptop with XP but i am unable to access some of my files and pictures. I tried taking ownership but i get access denied can someone help?

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Boot Old Harddrive

by Crypl In reply to Encrypted File Acess Deni ...

Since you can still read the old harddrive the easiest way to do this is to boot Win2k from that harddrive and log in as the user who has access to decrypt those files. Decrypt the files, boot into your current configuration, copy files to your XP harddrive, encrypt the files as necessary.

Now with the files encrypted on your new system I would recommend exporting your EFS recovery agent key to a Flash drive, floppy disk, CD, or other safe place off your system. This way if you have to recover your encrypted files again you can avoid having to use the orginal installation and credentials to decrypt them.

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Unable to boot from the old disk

by anilmathew001 In reply to Boot Old Harddrive

I plugeed the old disk to the usb and ebabled the laptop to boot from USB and also changed the boot sequnce but it does not boot from the old disk. I have thinkpad r32. Any suggestions ?

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FAT Partition

by Crypl In reply to Unable to boot from the o ...

If I remember correctly another way you can try to do this is to gain access to a system with a FAT Partition. You can do this with another usb harddrive with FAT partitioning, creating a partition on one of your existing harddrives formated as FAT, or if you have Windows 95/98 laying around on a Desktop. Copying Encrypted files off of an NTFS partition to a FAT partition will remove any encryption. Then you can copy them back to your XP system and re-encrypt them as needed.

Depending on your expertise or willingness to experiment I believe the same is true copying the files to a partition formatted for a Linux distribution.

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Try this

by pc21geek In reply to Encrypted File Acess Deni ...

This website may be able to assist you in taking ownership of the encrypted files, then decrypting them.

Good luck,


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ultimatly ans i got for the similar prblem.........

by ak_gates2010 In reply to Encrypted File Acess Deni ...

Hi Methew......

I also had similar problem .... and ultimately after some disscussion i got below ans:

And when you repaired the OS you destroyed that Key as it was overwritten on the rebuild so you really only have 2 options.

The first as M$ would say id Find a Good Hacker.

The second is to ring a Data Recovery House and see what they require to bypass the encryption key and provide them with that and pay them to recover your data in a readable format. There really is no other option.


i have posted for some more ans and le's see what happenes.......


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Depends if you have the Recovery Agent Backed up or not

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Encrypted File Acess Deni ...

If you didn't then no one can help you here the files are lost unless you can find an identical NB and the drive has not had the OS messed up to the stage where it will no longer Boot the OS.

If however you have the Recovery Agent Backed up you can use the directions here to mount the Recovery Agent on the XP install and then you will be able to read your Data and import it.


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Soving Encrypted File "Access is Denied " Error Message

by mark.brookdale In reply to Encrypted File Acess Deni ...


I found your posting on Google while trying to deal with the same problem. I was locked out of my Access database on my Windows XP for some unknown reason. An "Access is Denied" Error Message suddenly appeared whenever I tried decrypting, opening or moving my encrypted Access .mdb and Excel files. Thankfully a technical support person at patiently troubleshot my system entirely over the phone and rescued my Excel and Access client database files.

If anyone else needs urgent assistance troubleshooting this problem you might like to try phoning this organization. If you can, ask for Jake, he was the technical support person who assisted me. He was patient and very persistent. Don't let the poorly designed websites put you off.

You can find the phone number on any of the websites listed below. One of their sites appears to be aimed at the N.Y. market in the USA.

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