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Encrypted Files From Previous Install

By madmax97232 ·
I have two hard drives, one of which has a lot of files I wish to hold onto. The smaller one had Windows XP on it, but me not being to smart about my internet connection, received a lot of trojans and such. So, I disconnected my larger drive and reformatted my smaller one to re-install Windows XP. I forgot that I had some files that I had encrypted. My certificate thumprints and aliases are different so I am not able to decrypt them. Am I totally lost or is there any possible way to retrieve them?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Encrypted Files From Prev ...

You need to either log in with the original user than encrypted the files or export the certificate to a file from prev HD and then import it to your new user to read the files using Certificates MMC.
There is no other way round it.

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by khaled_59 In reply to Encrypted Files From Prev ...

Hopefully, someone will help you. I believe that once you formatted and re-install the O/S, you locked yourself out. The encrytion key was tied to the original SID. It's a unique identifier for each user. Even though you created a similar account, it gives you a different SID. Unless someone more ingenius than me helps

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by jpkern In reply to Encrypted Files From Prev ...

I have the same problem. After my system crashed I installed the drive as a slave a bought a new drive for the OS. So far I am stuck with tons of files that I cant open. If you have had any luck or anyone elese that knows this proceedure please post. I should still have all the original SIDs intact. I just dont know how to transfer them.

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