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    Encrypting an NTFS partition


    by slam5 ·

    Hi, I remember that Windows 2K Prof. can encrypt a NTFS partition. Can anybody tell me how to do it? Thx!

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      Not a partition

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Encrypting an NTFS partition

      You can encypt directories and files, but not a partition.

      When using EFS, there are some things to remember.

      First, Create a folder and then encrypt.

      Second, export your key, just in case your system crashes and you need to retrieve the file.

      Third, all files that are meant to be encypted are first created inside the folder. Do not move files into the folder or save files into the folder. Always create a new file first. Then open it in inside the encry folder.

      Encrypting a partition will create alot of overhead on the OS, and when the system is booting it, if it is the /boot partition, will not be able to load up if it is encrypted.

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      You have probably already seen these…

      by nezrog ·

      In reply to Encrypting an NTFS partition

      …however for the benefit of all, the KB titled ‘Best Practices for Encrypting File System’ may help, here:;en-us;223316


      For additional information about the Encrypting File System(EFS), see “Encrypting File System for Windows 2000” at the following Microsoft Web site:

      Also see “Data Protection and Recovery in Windows XP,” which includes information related to Windows 2000:


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