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    Hi all,

    I have 2 PC’s a Win10Prox64 one and a LinuxFeren x64 one, now on the Linux’s 500GB HDD it offered up full drive encryption which I made use of, meaning should my drives be pulled they wouldn’t get my files etc it will all be gobbledegook, so I decided to replace the 500GB Seagate HDD with a 250GB Samsung EVO 840, I installed my Linux Feren on the Samsung EVO 840 SSD to find that drive encryption was not offered?

    can anyone guide me to a decent performing SATA 250GB (OS) drive that will support drive encryption under Linux Feren>?

    side note – I’ve noticed over the years that the SAMSUNG MAGICIAN software seems to be even more buggy with each release, and having to get older versions some time ago to get certain options to appear, I have an EVO 860 in my Windows PC and SM says for that it does NOT support drive encryption either?? yet the internet and Samsung says it does>?

    can anyone help? I just want drive encryption on an SSD for Linux Feren – windows would be nice too – but ATM Feren is more important


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