encryption and deleted accounts

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I have a folder, that through no fault of my own, was encrypted by someone else using my computer. This was fine for awhile, as I was the user that could acess the files contained in it. But because of an accident, the user account was deleted and I can no longer get at the folder no matter what I do. I have tried several methods of decrypting, but even with an admin account I can't do anything without that user account. Is there a way to recover the user account or forcefully decrypt a folder without being the user? I'd rather not have to use system restore. This is Windows XP.


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by cmiller5400 In reply to encryption and deleted ac ...

System restore may restore the account. That will be your only method unless you specified a recovery agent in group/local policy or you backed up the private key of the deleted account.


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Only if you followed the Recommended Steps

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to encryption and deleted ac ...

Of M$ and backed up your Encryption Key. Or the Data Unencrypted.

If you didn't then you have No Chance of ever reading that Data Again.

I wouldn't even expect System Restore to have any effect with this but if you have nothing else and must get the Data it's your Only Chance without spending lots of Money at a Data Recovery House.

I have heard that M$ Support have suggested previously to find a Friendly Cracker to do this but it is not something that I would Recommend.


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