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    encryption-on-demand: for occasional private communication.


    by gideon ·

    Most of us don’t install, don’t bother, don’t like the tedium of encryption packages, with all that key management that comes with it. And for good reason, 99% of our email stuff is innocuous. No big secrets there. But on occasion we need to pass along a password, an account number, a romantic confession perhaps, and other confidential matters. This need has been recently addressed by the site that offers ad-hoc, use-and-discard encryption solution, and it’s free. They also claim deniability, which means the writer can claim his encrypted message is other than what it really is. Is this a useful solution for the occasional need for private communication? Would anyone try it, and write a report?

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      This subject is too complex for a reply

      by nepenthe0 ·

      In reply to encryption-on-demand: for occasional private communication.

      I have fairly extensive experience with e-mail encryption, and would be glad to send you a .pdf of my research on this subject.

      You can contact me directly via my [i]Profile[/i] on TechRepublic. Include your e-mail address, and I will attach my research for your review. I think it will answer all of your questions.

      Rick/Portland, OR

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