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Endpoint Security ( Data security )

By selahattin ·
With endpoint security tools you are able to block the local ports and interfaces of the PC/Laptop. So, you are able to prevent data theft . But it is also possible to send the data via e-mail ( smtp or webmail ). To make the endpoint security more secure, you must find solutions to prevent the sending of emails.
I want to start here a discussion to find the best solution. Please tell me your suggestions and your ideas.

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by dawgit In reply to Endpoint Security ( Data ...

You've blocked all the ports? Is this a MS OS? with over 4000 ports? and now you want to block e-mail transactions. The most secure solution is of course the simplest. Un-Plug it. Do not not allow any connections to or from that machine. Also No CD or DVD burners. And while your at it Block all USB ports too. What you do with after that, well I'm sure you'll find something. -d

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Theoretically at least

by rickydoo In reply to Wait...

aren't there more like 65536 ports?
Not a flame or anything, I'm just not sure. It's like when I thought a home router should be able to (theoretically) connect 253 computers (*.*.*.2 to .254) but they don't seem to accept more than 32.

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My thoughts

by w2ktechman In reply to Endpoint Security ( Data ...

After blocking all local ports, and all virtual ports, you should have no problem not sending email, or getting an Internet virus.

Ok, I went to a more extreme, but you asked for it. Anyway, you could go the route that MS is going and have a popup continually asking "do you want to allow this mail to be sent" in triplicate (exageration).
Another thought is to use digital signatures and encrypted mail.
if mail gets 'caught' by the wrong source, they would need to un-encrypt it befoer being able to read it. Although, once your key is figured out....

Digital certs are used mainly just for authentication, but I believe Yahoo, Google, and others are working on a project to make digi-sigs much more than they are today.

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my 2 cents....

by techsupport In reply to Endpoint Security ( Data ...

locking down the ports at the workstation is a good idea, although you may still want to use a security solution at your networks' perimeter to thwart any outside security threat or stop internal data theft, email traffic, etc.

Depepnding how secure and how much control you need will determine which security solution will work best for you.

Are we discussing solutions for small, medium of large enterprise networks?

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