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Enforcing free space in C-drive

By kalaivanan.vvelan ·
i am using Symantec Antivirus Coperate Edition in my network. One problem I am facing is that users go on filling up their C-drive and it ends up with less than 2 Mb free space. They have another partition in which they have enough space( around 20 GB) . But as the primary drive has no free disc space, the antivirus does not get updated Is there anyway that I can enforce a policy that users can not write into c-drive when free space is less than 200MB. I have a network with around 500 systems so some solution which can be applied throughout the network please

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by akalinowski In reply to Enforcing free space in C ...

if the clients are using, 2k/xp machines, you can apply disk quota's to each PC's C: Drive, this will only grant the user X ammount of space, so if you have a bunch of 10GB C: partition's, set the disc quota to 5GB, it doesnt count the system files because quotas are based on the files owner, so only user created files will be limited.

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by Gigelul In reply to Enforcing free space in C ...

We are using the Symantec Corporate Edition for 3 years now and never had this issue with the old workstations (2-4Gb on C:) or with the new workstations.

You need to check the setup/configuration of Symantec/OS instead of redirect to other drive the updates store place. Something works wrong.

How do you configured the updates for clients?
Maybe is something related to temp folders access permissions?

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by Gigelul In reply to

Now I understand, we are speaking about the "bad user".
For servers we use "SpaceGuard" ( but for workstations I don't have at the moment a suggestion

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by kalaivanan.vvelan In reply to Enforcing free space in C ...

Disc Quota can only be applied to a specific user. i have multiple users for each desktop. A similar method which will restict any user from cross the quota limit will be of great help

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by kalaivanan.vvelan In reply to Enforcing free space in C ...

The problem comes when the disc space in the drive goes less that 50MB. Its not related to the configuration or FAP as it works fine unless the disc space is very low

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