Enforcing use of a specific IE Home Page

By shawnpattison ·
I am looking for a way to enforce the use of a specific IE home page for all of the users in my network. I cannot use a GPO and would like to stay away from profiles if at all possible.

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by IC-IT In reply to Enforcing use of a specif ...

Your only other option would be to set the home page with GPEdit and lock out the access to the General Tab.
You could set this template and then add it to each machine using a floppy or flash drive (run with admin privleges).

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by Derek Schauland Contributor In reply to GPEdit.msc

GPEdit edits group policy. If a GPO cannot be used this wont help too much.

What is the scenario you are trying to create? How many workstations does this need to be configured for?

What is the reason for not using/being able to use group policy?

for a small workgroup or few machines you might try Windows Steady State ( I have used it a few times for projects and it is rather straight forward.

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Depends on

by IC-IT In reply to GPEdit

what he meant. GPO meaning Group Policy Object in his context "may" have meant that he is not using AD. Thusly you would have to set the Policy on the local machine, by editing the local policy(ies). So yes it could help.

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if its for

by Derek Schauland Contributor In reply to Depends on

a single local machine, why not use a tool like the shared computer tool kit or steady state which provides a nicer interface for configuring such things

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by shawnpattison In reply to GPEdit

First of all I have come up with a solution which will suffice for the momment. I just made a VBSScript file with this in it:
Const HKEY_CURRENT_USER = &H80000001

strComputer = "."
Set objReg = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv")

strKeyPath = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main"
ValueName = "Start Page"
strValue = ""
objReg.SetStringValue HKEY_CURRENT_USER, strKeyPath, ValueName, strValue

and dropped it in the startup for all of the computers involved. The positive is that it will set the home page everytime the person logs on, the negative is that it doesnt lock out their ability to change it back to whatever they want it to be while they are logged in.

The Scenario is this:

Corporate does not like the use of GPO's so it doesnt allow the use of them by local IT Managment. We are using AD though...

The GM of my site wants all of the sales staff to have the same IE Home page, don't ask me why, I have never tried to figure out why managment wants anything. He would really like them not to be able to change it at all but understands that there was only so much which could be done with the time limit he game me.

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Then Corporate is

by IC-IT In reply to Scenario

a pile of fools. They deny you the opportunity to use a very powerful tool built into their server environment. I could understand their not wanting anyone to change the default GPO or any corporate implemented policies, but to be unable to create, test and link a GPO to accomplish local needs, jeez.

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Not using a GPO to change IE Home Page

by eric.dockhorn In reply to Then Corporate is

I did this to change the IE Home Page for all users and for it to display when they first log onto a Machine. (However the user can still change it - it is not enforced, just a setting for new users so no config on IT's part is needed for new users - if you have a GPO, wicked, if you ain't this may help)

(1.)Ensure view Hidden Files is ON!

1. Run "Regedt32"


3. Goto Registry Menu

4. "Load Hive"

5. Browse to (or your system drive letter)C:\Documents and Settings\Default User


7. It will ask for a Key Name now - enter anything you like (it's only a temp thing, will unload it later) I will call it "Temp" for now.

8. Now goto the following entry:
Temp\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

9. Now add the following two entries, got to Edit -> Add Value

Value Name "Start Page" Value given
Data Type is: REG_SZ

Value Name "Default_Page_URL" Value given
Data Type is: REG_SZ

10. Once you happy and done got back to the top of the registry tree to "Temp"

11. Goto Registry and Select "Unload Hive"

12. Yes to the Prompt and your done.

Reboot your PC, the 1st time after the reboot I got an error for one user Profile, the others were fine, deleted that Profile and relogged in - all was good and the default was set! But this doesn't mean they can't change

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Explained IE default page GPO

by mohd.wasim In reply to Enforcing use of a specif ...

Create a new GPO
Browse to User Configuration > Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > URLs > Important URLs

Enter your specific URL by enabling "Customize home page URL" like

Thats it. :-)


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