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Engineering Assist Request - Redundant Rollover Server Solution

I've met a client who has need of redundant rollover servers. its been about a decade since I've engineered this solution and time has taken its toll on my recollection of the necessary hardware to get the job done.

Redundant rollover servers - to me- means you have two identical servers which mirror eachother. One is the primary (in use) server while the other is a standby kept up to date with the primary. In the event that the Primary server goes down the Standby kicks in and handles the workload. This setup is intended for Zero downtime.

I know that a Windows Advanced Server platform is the needed OS. What I need are experienced precise recommendations for hardware and software related to this solution. Cost is a consideration but secondary to ZERO downtime.

It should be noted that there are approximately 85 end users in this WAN with 26 of them local to the primary site/server.

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Anyone out there?

by ACGPHX In reply to Engineering Assist Reque ...

Does anyone have any recommendations for this solution. I'm not seeking a proposal, simply recommendations for contemporay hardware and software that will get the job done.

thanks in advance.

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