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Enhance Web form usability

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter explores enhancing form usability with instructions and validation. Do you have any horror stories about creating or implementing Web forms? What lessons about building Web forms could you share with your peers? How usable is your site's forms when you compare it to the concepts in this column?

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more on form useability

by alexcohn In reply to Enhance Web form usabilit ...

It is worth mentioning in context of such review that modern browsers provide all kinds of form automation. Some advanced plugins are also widely used to help users store repeating data locally and easily paste it into forms coming from different sites.

The lesson for a Web designer is that she should prefer common field names (e.g. "address" will be a good choice, while "user_location_data", or the name in local language, may be missed by the helper tools), and also not use these de facto standard names for different data (e.g. not call the field for choosing the mobile phone model "phone number").

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by cpark In reply to Enhance Web form usabilit ...

Good article, but I would also point out that users who are doing mass data-entry really tend to not like dropdowns, because it means using the mouse instead of just tabbing through the fields.

In general, I agree with what this article is saying, but you also have to consider certain less-common requirements of corporate users.

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