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Enhanced Service Quality through IT leverage

By forumsgr ·
In telecoms, a value added service consists of the below elements as generic high level model:
a) the originator or the request initiator
b) the carrier or the transfer mean of the request
c) the application that will receive the request and process it
d) the outcome or the product that will carried through ?the carrier?
e) The final recipient.
A high level MMS ringtone service would follow the below path:
Terminal's request ->SGSN-> GGSN-> WAP GW -> APPLICATION server ->MMSC ->Push Proxy -> SMSC-> end user.

Following this path, the different elements might belong in different departments in terms of responsibility, monitoring as well administration. Changes in one element might affect the whole service?s performance or even functionality. For each of those elements we need to separate the functionality in terms of hardware and service provided assuming that the corresponding departments do their job correctly. So even if each admin monitors and supervises his element as he should, what happen with the service as entity?
Is it the quality of the service (as entity) sufficient as per ?component - element??

There are some tools in the market like HP openview, CiscoWork, BSM etc. As I have understood all these tools are citied on top of the service and provide a comprehensive supervision.
Actually, I look for a tool that will monitor the whole service path form end-to-end in terms of communication between elements, the elements themselves (HW/Service) and act as a unified supervision tool in order to reassure and enhance the service?s quality.
I would appreciate if you could comment your exposed experiences with such tools, pros and cons. Recommendations are more than welcome but of course this is NOT advertisement and NOT RFP :)?

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