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Enron plea -> 10 years +23 million fine

By road-dog ·
Fastow Pleads Guilty to Enron Charges

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Former Enron Corp. Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow pleaded guilty on Wednesday to two criminal counts and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in exchange for 10 years in prison.

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wow. Better late than never. Now maybe Kenneth Lay and that SOB Bernie Ebers from Worldcom will be next.....

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I saw something..

by jkaras In reply to Enron plea -> 10 years +2 ...

regarding his justice. To me it was a slap on the wrist and a little insulting, we didnt need any new evidence to prove the corruption to warrant a plea bargain. His wife however got turned down for a suspended sentence of 6 months.

So let me get this straight; cheat thousands of investors out of their life savings, get caught shreading the evidence, make millions of dollars, and get a slap on the wrist and short time? Now where is that ACME corporate ripoff kit... I know it's around here somewhere cause Jeffrey needs a new pair of shoes.

If it was up to me I would put them into the worst prision available, I mean the highest murders in and out of prision, that also doesnt meet standards of cleanliness. I would work a deal with the cable company, Turner would love this and have $10 pay per view to all that would go into a fund to help pay back the money to the people that got cheated, tax free of course and film them getting sexually sodomized. I never seen gay porn nor wanted to but you know it would be money well spent to see them get it the way they gave it to the shareholders. You dont even have to watch it, just order it knowing that you got to deal some payback to any joker that entertains the thought of corporate fraud. And they say murders dont fear the death penalty, well execs sure would fear this? They of course would have to live out the term till their debt is paid, no early parole, no choice to refuse participation, the sooner they pony up the denero the sooner their out and free. A suicide watch will be present so they cant kill them selves, and if they do then we freeze them till we figure out that reincarnation thing. The whole time they can feel how screwed up they were while making amends living in total ****. We can even get commercials like a boxing match so you can pick your best bubba with full specs on the enron gladiator, these sessions could have rounds or 24 hour coverage. As for the women involved, you get the picture. Once free all will know them redicule them, while they have no money, no job, and forced to work the corners, ahhh justice. "you can call me a dreamer..., but I'm not the only one."

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by wordworker In reply to Enron plea -> 10 years +2 ...

I hope Kenneth Lay gets his. He apparently didn't care about all the people lost their entire RETIREMENT FUNDS. His retirement plan should be, "three squares, an hour in the yard, then back to lockup."

I am so sick of seeing kids who steal $50 worth of merchandise get stiffer sentences than the whitecollar crooks who steal millions.

Don't even get me started about stupid marijuana laws. Anybody else consider it a victimless crime?

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