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    Enter Network Password


    by basemkhawaja ·

    Can someone help me please? I been battling with this annoying problem for this past week. I already made sure that my password and username are correct. The mail servers, the port numbers are correct ,ssl checked. Whether i check the box,cancel or say no when ever the enter network password dialog box pops up it does not make any difference , it keeps on coming back, A link showing the error message that i get when i click on send and receive in outlook 2007 is posted below, Please help me Thank you

    Basem Khawaja

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      by basemkhawaja ·

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      These are your E Mail User Name and Password that is being asked for

      by oh smeg ·

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      Not your Network User Name & Password. The E Mail Password is generally your E Mail Address something like [b][/b]

      You also need to remember that even if you have the correct E Mail User Name & Password that these are Case Sensitive so if you are using a capital and everything is in lower case then it’s not going to work. The same applies if you are using Lower Case and you need Capitals in at least part of the E Mail Address or Password.


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      Try webmail to confirm user name and password actually works.

      by craigceg ·

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      Have you gone to AT&T’s webmail and successfully logged in using the same user name and password you are trying to put in Outlook? If you get the same error when logging in to webmail, then you do not have the correct user name and password combination. If you can successfuly login to webmail and those credentials do not work in Outlook then it is usually a temporary problem with the AT&T/Yahoo email servers. I have the same problem a couple times a month, where Outlook asks for user name and password even though nothing has changed on my end and I can log in to webmail. If you wait a little while it usually resolves itself.

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      by shane s ·

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      are you connecting to the mail through a server or just a normal router ?

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        by basemkhawaja ·

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        I am not sure , I use a Cisco Dual Band Router, But ATandT is my ISP, I can check my email through as well, but i prefer OUTLOOK which i have been using for years Thanks

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