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Enter password through on-screen keyboard

By BarryTsui ·
As we know that spyware can log all key stroke and sent out. I wonder to enter the password through on-screen keyboard to prevent key strokes logged by spyware when using internet banking service. However, I can't verify this method.

What's your opinion?

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Already done here in Oz.

by ozi Eagle In reply to Enter password through on ...


This idea is already being used in Australia. My internet bank requires that I setup three icons from a selection, to use as "passwords" whenever I wish to transfer money out of my account. These icons are presented on a three by three grid with other icons mixed in and their position in the grid changes each time. I have to select them in the correct order to enter my banking.

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Not using keyboard for entry

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Already done here in Oz.

Keystroke loggers capture keyboard input. Using a touch screen bypasses the keyboard, so that particular problem is solved in Oz. There is another type of keystroke logger, one that is placed between the keyboard and the computer. This type cannot be detected by software -- the only way to detect it is to check the back of your computer. As one would guess, such a device cannot capture screen input. Until the scum writers figure out a way to hack screen input, this looks like a great solution.

Crxaig Herberg

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