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    Entering spatial data into Access 2003


    by adam ·

    Hi all,

    have been tryign to find out how to do this all day, but with no success. i am building a database that, amoongst other things, needs to hold the spatial co-ordinates for a number of surveyed sites. these co-ordinates have an x and a y value, and each surveyed area has a number (anywhere from 1 to 500 depending on the size and shape of the area.

    so basically, they look like so:

    Survey Area 1 564536 7546852
    564530 7546850
    542183 7546982

    and so on.

    how can i set up my Survey Area Table and its corresponding form to allow for each area to have multiple co-ordinates?

    any help wmost greatlfully recieved.


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