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    Enterprise 2.0 only good or contribute to distraction, dsyfunction ….


    by hoischristian ·

    Starting basis is a brandnew article from CMSWIre:
    Recently, much coverage has been given to how much emerging technologies are distracting us from our families, reducing our brains to mush and generally disconnecting us from reality. Multitasking is no longer regarded as a talent, but rather as a deficit, the result of an over-active brain. Living in a constant state of information overload, those of us who have become immersed technologically will soon fall victim to distraction, dysfunction and dysphoria. Therefore much organisation hassitate to bring Web 2.0 Tools to the organisation and even block web 2.0 Tools which contribute to an massive information overloading like twitter, facebook and others.
    more–> Read the Article By Marisa Peacock | Published Jun 21, 2010 an give us your opinion:

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      Enterprise 2.0 products

      by mariagomes1 ·

      In reply to Enterprise 2.0 only good or contribute to distraction, dsyfunction ….

      Good and interesting topic selected. Actually few days I started giving a through to this Enterprise 2.0 for my business firm.
      Enterprise 2.0 is being embraced by management and employees because they empower knowledge sharing, collaboration, leveraging coworker’s ideas and expertise.
      Key benefits of Enterprise 2.0:
      * helps coworkers and managers stay apprised on what’s going on so businesses can collaborate faster, respond faster, decide faster and so on.
      You just have a look at this
      Waiting to read more posts and such discussions.

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