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Enterprise Antivirus Rankings

By mshields ·
I am trying to do research enterprise antivirus and was looking for a ranking and everything I see is slanted towards whatever company has paid the most money. Anyone have any advice?

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Mcafee Enterprise

by djameson In reply to Enterprise Antivirus Rank ...

We use Mcafee, It's not perfect, but it is easy to deploy, manage and update, their IPO tool is great, it can manage down to the PDA level. It is a little pricy to get into, but they have promised integration in all their apps from the IPO. which is cool.

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Symantec Corporate Antivirus

by amen In reply to Mcafee Enterprise

We have been using Symantec Corporate Antivirus for near 3 years. At first start it wasn't worth all the hype, then with time we loved it. It's easy to deploy, wonderful central management capabilities and integrates well with Microsoft core products with damn good Treat Aleart and reporting tools which works groupwise. pricing is flexible and with added bonus of maintenance upgrades. Symantec is definetly a Softproduct for any network.

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Symantec Sucks-big time

by ken In reply to Symantec Corporate Antivi ...

We have been using Symantec for over 6 years. We even have their GOLD annual maintenance contract. At first it seemed good, but it's getting bigger and resource hungry. Yes it does the job well when it works. Their tech support and customer service sucks - we are on hold for 3 to 4 hours and sometimes have to give up and try another day. When we DO get a human being they are like parrots and cannot reason or understand anything outside of what they have learnt by rote! We get passed around and each time are on hold for almost an hour between transfer. Spending so much time to get proper tech support is not worth it. We are now looking around for an alternative - McAfee maybe?

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Symantec is a dog, AND it has fleas!

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Symantec Corporate Antivi ...

Dont' go with it, they RUINED norton antivirus!

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Symantec is a dog, AND it has fleas!

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Symantec Corporate Antivi ...

Dont' go with it, they RUINED norton antivirus!

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It's a three-year-old question.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Symantec Corporate Antivi ...

I doubt the original poster is still looking for a solution.

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He may not be...

by spglmn In reply to It's a three-year-old que ...

... but I am. I'm still trying to find the right product to offer my clients for enterprise AV services. The excess baggage that comes with products like Symantec, McAfee and CA, make their products difficult to install and to use.

I want a product that is easy to install, deploy and manage; that does a good job filtering out viruses and other malware. I need to to keep itself updated, and to push those updates out to clients, as needed. I need updates to be available to clients from both the internal server, if available, or over the Internet, if not.

I want clear instructions on deployment - i.e. what ports do I have to open on all the workstations to get this done?

None of the big players seem to be able to figure out how to do this. Not sure why.

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I have your answer

by Pringles86 In reply to He may not be...


It has an enterprise console to push out the AV client. The install process also removes other anti virus applications if you want. It has internal server updates or update online with the standalone version. You don't have to open any ports on the systems

Keeps itself updated, pushes out updates, has a good scanner, catches more viruses than mcafee or symantec.

The Enterprise console is nice, you can see which computers have viruses and run a full system scan straight from the console. It will catch almost all viruses before they infect the system of course.

We made the switch from Symantec corp to Sophos, and I am happy.

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RE: enterprise AV - Sophos

by MLeonard In reply to I have your answer

(reply to 1.5 yr old post...)
We converted from Symantec v10 to Sophos about 14 months ago. Got 3 yr licenses...
We are ready to either go back to Symantec or find another AV that is truely an 'enterprise' solution.

The only good 'thing' about Sophos is its scanner... but we are now finding stuff that it misses.

As for the other above mentioned items, I beg to differ.

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