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Enterprise application Migration

By suryasen.kundu ·
I would greatly appreciate if you could give me an idea of the methodology involved in migration from one application to the other, for instance, say i want to migrate from PSoft HR to SAP HR. IS there any standard methodology?

How would you go about doing it? Has anyone done it before?

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Migrating applications

by j.lupo In reply to Enterprise application Mi ...

Well, I have not performed that specific migration, but I have worked on quite a few migrations in my career.

There are a lot of pieces to migrating anything. First you need to look at the way the existing system works and is aligned with meeting your business. Document it. Then you need to look at the new system and see how you can align all your data and business functions that are mandatory (not the would be nice) into that system.

Basically, it starts with Analysis, planning, design, planning, implementation, and deployment.

You will find you need many strategies during the migration. Including deployment straties. For example: will you run in parallel or just switch? You will need to look at training strategies so that everyone can learn the new system.

Next to business analysis and requirements, data is usually the 2nd biggest trouble spot. I would be interested to hear what others have to say about doing a migration. I think I remember TR posting a download checklist for system migrations, but I am not certain. You might want to check there too.

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MIgration steps

by shazzyncs In reply to Enterprise application Mi ...

I want to know if u have any specific methods to do data migration.for eg i want to migrate data from excel n text file to the oracle database n i need to do some checking on the accuracy of of the migration.Any ideas.thank you

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Clean and Check

by LeoOfMars In reply to Enterprise application Mi ...

Cleaning the data is critical. You don't want to move bad data from one system to the other. In our current ERP the general ledger contains records with dates in the first 50 years of the twentieth century which got into the system because of typos. They don't hurt anything and the users don't see them, but if I was unaware of them we might end of converting them when we move to our new ERP. (See my blog "A New ERP". I'll eventually being getting into data conversion issues there.)

Once the data is in the new system, have your programmers write reports that compare the data from the two systems. You may discover that the data did not convert correctly or that there was data you don't need.

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