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Enterprise information integration

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Application Developer Management e-newsletter discusses enterprise information integration (EII). EII is software that provides a common layer between the enterprise portal and backend databases. This common layer makes multiple databases appear as a single repository.

What do you think about EII? Does the column make you want to learn more about this topic? Share your thoughts on EII.

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Future of EII

by ccranfill In reply to Enterprise information in ...

While EII seems to be a good idea on the surface, there are several key problems with the approach that will hinder its success:

1. EII is bound to increase the load on backend databases.

2. If EII is to be successful, it must process large amounts of data. In the case of very large databases (primarily where EII makes sense), EII will be slow.

3. Creation of a "virtual schema" via metadata imposes a level of overhead that not only slows things down, but creates a whole new set of administrative nightmares.

In fine, EII is a great idea with little chance of success in the real world.

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