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Enterprise laptop and desktop data protection - is the cloud ready for us.

By data_guru ·
I recently read a Gartner report that cited endpoint data protection as a massive challenge facing IT today- and I tend to agree. We can no longer view enterprise data protection as a server-focused challenge. Instead, especially in our organization, with increasing mobility and the proliferation of devices being used in the workplace- effective laptop and desktop data protection in large environments is a massive issue.

For us, cloud won't work. We are focused on compliance and security and the resulting bandwidth requirements will increase overhead costs by a ridiculous number. And we've explored multiple cloud options.

When chatting to some friends in IT recently they said that they don't see it as an issue. They've got a backup policy, they ask user's to copy files to a central server and for them they believe it's good enough.

We believe in data security and effective data protection, we can't afford the reputational damage or compliance backlash of data loss. Why are many other companies ignoring this reality?

And what are some other endpoint data protection solutions that aren't in the cloud? Is the cloud going to be ready for enterprise in the next few years? Thoughts?

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Of course you know that there is a very big difference

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Enterprise laptop and des ...

Between a Public & Private Cloud don't you?

There is nothing stopping you setting up your own Private Cloud and hosting the "Cloud Solution" yourselves without any of the possible problems associated with Public Clouds.


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